A first-rate thriller

Val’s Book Reviews The Runaway Heiress by Meg Tilly Toronto: Penguin Random House Canada (Berkley), 2021 $10.99 / 9780593201084 Who better than an Oscar-nominated actress to write a story about the quirky, unconventional lifestyle of Hollywood? Author Meg Tilly does not disappoint us in her novel The Runaway Heiress. After an unconventional beginning at a […]

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Scandal of the century

Val’s Book Reviews Deadly Triangle: The Famous Architect, His Wife, Their Chauffeur, and Murder Most Foul by Susan Goldenberg Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2022$23.99 / 9781459750302 Anyone who lives in British Columbia’s capital city or has visited the beautiful city of Victoria and admired the Parliament buildings and the world-famous Empress Hotel in the harbour, will

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Quadra Island chronicles

Val’s Book Reviews Definitely Not James Herriot: A Memoir, of Sorts by Jocelyn Reekie Campbell River: Peregrin Publishing, 2022$21.95 / 9781896402208 Jocelyn Reekie’s small book is a delightful treasure for anyone who loves animals. This short memoir covers Reekie’s life from the time she discovered a passion for animals as a child in Saskatchewan. Her

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South to British Columbia

Val’s Book Reviews Following the Telegraph Trail: A Trek of a Lifetime by Irene J. Huntley Victoria: FriesenPress, 2021 $14.99 / 9781039110441 Irene J. Huntley has written a worthy little book — Following the Telegraph Trail — which documents the adventurous trek taken by her father, Don Huntley, and his friend, Gunnar Nillson, in 1956,

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A family divided

Val’s Book Reviews Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Dutch Policeman Fighting the Nazi Occupation by Johanna Van Zanten Las Vegas: Histria Books (Addison & Highsmith Publishers), 2021 $29.99 / 9781592111022 I always enjoy books set in World War Two, especially those that tell stories of lesser known aspects of the war. Such

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Fraser River Waterways

Val’s Book Reviews The Call of the Red-Winged Blackbird: Essays on the Common and Extraordinary by Tim Bowling Hamilton, ON: Wolsak & Wynn, 2022 $22.00 / 9781989496428 It is always a delightful surprise to discover a book you would not normally read, only to find it extremely enjoyable. Such was the case for me with

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