Traditions of Victoria Day

Traditions of Victoria Day Every year the traditional “May 24th” holiday, the anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birthday, occurs on a different date.  This year it is early – on Monday, 20th May. The holiday weekend consists of celebrations ranging from a parade, boating, festivals and even, on one memorable occasion in 1896, a tragedy. According […]

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November Blues

November Blues Welcome to November, the month of dreary rain, gunpowder plots, beheadings, doom, and gloom! Or so it would seem, according to history. The word ‘November’ comes from the Latin word novem meaning nine because November was once the ninth month of the year (in the Roman calendar.) Today, of course, in the Gregorian

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A Pint of Guinness with Emily Carr in Broadmead

(This post was originally published on 2022 – we think you will enjoy it again!) Today Broadmead is an upper-class treed neighbourhood of fine homes and manicured lawns – but of course it wasn’t always that way. Broadmead’s history comprises a varied mix of hard work, horses, religion, burial grounds, famous battles, brewers, and war

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Gung Hay Fat Choy

Last weekend, the Chinese community celebrated the lunar Chinese New Year, which this year heralded in the “Year of the Rabbit.” The rabbit is the fourth animal in the zodiac sequence of twelve and is seen as the luckiest. People born in the year of rabbit are believed to be vigilant, witty, quick-minded and ingenious.

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Witch in Black

Witches and Wizards

(Originally posted in this Blog on September 21, 2020) If, like me, you’re feeling a wee bit “witchy” as Halloween comes around again, here’s a piece of witchcraft history to ponder on. For instance, did you know that it was on September 22nd in 1692, 328 years ago, that the last eight witches in Salem were

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