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The Story of a Heritage Manor House on Vancouver Island

Step back in time and listen to the walls talking as the writer describes a totally different world through almost ten decades in the life of Dunmora, a heritage manor house on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island. The reader will relish learning about the different owners and the many visitors that came to the house through the years. Numerous anecdotes of neighbours and faithful Chinese staff will be enjoyed as will the plethora of archival and modern photographs of this beautiful home and estate overlooking the Saanich Inlet. A fascinating, undiscovered gem of history makes for a good read. 

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Legends, Liars, and Lawbreakers

Legends, Liars, and Lawbreakers Incredible Tales from the Pacific Northwest Throughout history some people have pushed the limit of what is acceptable to society. Those featured in this book lived in an era when smuggling was rife, liquor was plentiful, and murder was rampant. Many become legends in their own lifetimes and, although often feared […]

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk Victoria’s Houses from the Past How many times have you walked by or through an interesting old house, wondering about its past and what tales its walls could whisper if they could answer your questions? Although many of Victoria’s heritage homes have disappeared, some remain- some rich and elegant and […]

The Vantreights: A daffodil dynasty

The Vantreights: A Daffodil Dynasty This excellent history of over 100 years of operating a farming enterprise on Vancouver Island is interspersed with family anecdotes and stories of their local connections with politics, sporting events, and racing-car activities. Publication Details Author: Green, ValeriePublisher ‏: ‎GAV Publishing, 1997 Order Now: From the Author – books@valeriegreenauthor.com Your […]

Upstarts and Outcasts

Upstarts and Outcasts Victoria’s Not-So-Proper Past The popular view of Victoria’s genteel history is destroyed in Upstarts and Outcasts. The city’s pioneers also included madams, murderers, seamstresses, and saloon keepers. Each one, whether upstanding citizen or impudent criminal, contributed to life in the little settlement perched on the Pacific. This rich collection of stories show that Victoria […]

Embrace the Journey: A Care Giver’s Story

Embrace the Journey A Care Giver’s Story Part personal story, part resource guide for care givers, Embrace the Journey will touch your heart. In midlife, as the adult child of ailing parents, Valerie Green faced the challenges of making agonizing decisions and choices for parents who wanted to “age in place.” This book is Valerie’s personal journey, […]