Remember that day back in March 2020 when the world closed down? How could we ever forget!

At the time we thought it would only be for a few weeks, but then things grew steadily worse and it became a pandemic around the world greater than we could ever have imagined.

In British Columbia, Canada, we are now currently in a four-stage plan progressing towards September 2021 when hopefully life will be relatively normal again. Many other countries are already experiencing some of the joy of social normality already. But how will we feel in a new normal?

Looking back over the last eighteen months of living in that surreal world, is there anything you have learned from this strange experience of social isolation with the fear of catching Covid and possibly dying.  I have learned a number of lessons—some good and some bad—and I’d like to share them with my blog readers.

1. I learned how to be more patient – usually not one of my better virtues!
2. Although I am not an extrovert and quite enjoy my own company, I discovered that I do need to meet people.
3. I missed hugs.
4. I missed my family.
5. I worried about family members.
6. I mastered new technology – I zoomed and became a better face-timer and Skyper.
7. But I soon realized that I don’t like only seeing people in little squares on my laptop screen.
8. I missed doing live presentations. Virtual ones just don’t cut it!
9. I became impressed by the creativity of people who found a host of ways for us to stay connected.
10. I discovered I loved adult colouring books especially making Mandelas which can be very relaxing.
11. I found another new hobby – pencil painting.
12. I’m also trying to learn to draw!
13. I was inspired to write more. There will never be enough time to write all the stories I need to tell.
14. I gained weight!
15. I went on NOOM— a philosophical way to lose weight. It’s slowly working after six months of perseverance.
16. Last but not least, being in solitary confinement with my husband for a lot of the time, was surprisingly good. At least we didn’t kill one another!

So now our second vaccine shot will happen later this month and I am surprised about how excited I am to have a needle stuck in my arm once again. But PLEASE let’s still be cautious. It’s not over until it’s over! 
So, until it’s safe to mingle again, please STAY HOME as much as possible.

What did you learn about yourself during COVID? I bet, like me, you discovered a lot. 

For now, I am sending virtual hugs to you all.